For anyone who lost one or more items at the festival, (see photo below) they can contact Qormi Police Station via +356 2294 3151

1. iPhone 9 or iPhone X
2. Samsung phone

3. BOV Cashlink Mr Jose Camilleri
4. Maltese ID Card Ms Veleska Maja

5. Vehicle Key (Opel)
6. Set of keys together with a USB adapter

7. Car key together with a keychain marked '420' and a small Guiness penknife

For anyone who used the cloakroom and didn’t pick up the items, please contact us via info@events-mt.com or via DM.

Make sure you have a ticket with the same number indicated on the list in order to be able to collect your item


Items that where not collect back from deposit room.

Ticket number 

85  deodorant 
87 selfie stick
175 adapter plug and charger 
40 cream and lipstick 
121 anti chafing gel
61 power bank with wire
15 QC power bank
89 Belkin power bank
74 deodorant and sun cream 
14 lipstick
90 selfie stick
34 selfie stick
162 JBL mini speaker
179 pills 
177 cygett power bank & cream 
158 linocell power bank
144 perfume
18 make up
110 perfume 
170 vape & deodorant 
189 charger
213 headphones & cup 


Items found with no tickets 

5 selfie sticks
1 camera remote


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